Friday, March 30, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Zumba and Baseball

So the hubby and I are going on a cruise the first of June with another couple.  And my body is less than bathing suit ready.  I've gained a lot of jiggle since last summer and I really don't want to be slinging it around the beautiful beaches of Cozumel.  Soooo I got my family a membership at the Y.  I joined for the group classes.  I don't do so well on my own.  I tried jogging last night while Ethan was warming up for his game, and I'm not really good at jogging.  Hubby suggested I try the Phoebe technique next time.  I might.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekly Iwasgonna Pins 3/29/12

I have really been slacking on the crafts, you guys.  Baseball season has started and we joined the Y, and I haven't had time to do anything.  Sunday, Ethan and I are swapping rooms.  My craft room for his bedroom.

I will be making more baseball shirts tomorrow night, so I should have some pics of that.  And I ordered some heat transfer vinyl to make t-shirts and koozies for an upcoming Crawfist Boil.  Which leads me into today's Pins.  I had been looking into crafty things for the party.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Iwasgonna Pins 3/23/12

Ethan has his first baseball game tomorrow.  Squeal!  I've been waiting to be a baseball Mom.

His team is the Yankees, and we find out his number tonight.  I've already started making my shirt.  And I'm making a poster tonight.

This is a really bad picture my husband took with his phone.  I'll have a better one when it's finished.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekly Iwagonna Pins 3/7/12

I've been really engrossed in some home improvement projects, not to mention the addition of our sweet boy, Max,
This was after our first dog park adventure.  He was pooped!

so I've decided to create a weekly series of my favorite crafty and DIY Pins.  Because of course I have time to Pin, duh.

And so without further ado, my favorite Pins of the week.

This is just too perfect for my first Weekly Iwasgonna Pin...

Love the idea of turning a hall closet into a little mud room.

I've been thinking about making one of these for my son's room.  He's been having a hard time at school lately, and I think maybe something inspirational on the wall for him to see when he wakes up might be helpful.

Awesome idea for hard boiled eggs around Easter time.

These cute little party favors make me wish I was having a St. Patrick's Day party! 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcoming Project: Painted Kitchen Cabinets

I was sitting at work today on my lunch break, and my darling Hubby is at home, waiting for the granite counter top installers. (Squeal!) At first I was super jealous that he got to be home when it happened, then last night he said he was going to "detail clean" all the appliances before he put them back out. Whoa, SOOO glad I was not the one staying home, because I TOTALLY would not have done THAT! Ha!

I think I'm more excited about the new faucet and 60 / 40 split sink than I am about the actual counters.

This baby has been sitting in its box, on the counter in the kitchen for the past week, taunting me.
The thing I am MOST excited about, after the counters are installed, we are going to PAINT OUR CABINETS. (Double squeal!)  Ever since we moved in, I have wanted to paint the cabinets white.

This is what we have now. Blah.
 After I built the shelf onto my Mamaw's door, Hubby decided he like the way that looked.  So he started reading up on glazing cabinet doors, and is now addicted to Home Improvement blogs. Ha! I don't think he's ever even looked at MY blog.  If he had, he would have seen this:

He shooting a gun made of 2 x 2 over the table we had just built.
 And so we have decided to paint the cabinets white, and use a glaze to give them a worn look.  I have compiled a Pinteresting List of my vision. (See what I did there? With the word Pinterest?  Seen that before, huh? Oh Well.)

I like how the dark glaze builds up in the edges.

We're having the raised bar taken down so it's level like the island in this photo.

I also found this tutorial that I've been holding onto, for when I could convince my darling Hubby that this would be a good idea.

I love that hardware, too.  That's what we're looking for.

So you can look for the cabinets as my next DIY in the next month or so.

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