Friday, November 2, 2012

Tile Coasters

Need an idea for a quick, CHEAP, custom gift for the holidays?  These coasters are awesome!  Because they are a natural stone, they absorb the sweat from your cups and don't warp.

Got the idea from Pinterest, but didn't do it the way they did. 

All you need is:

natural stone tiles
adhesive stencil (I cut my own with my Silhouette)
paper towels
felt dots

I found the 4" x 4" travertine tiles at Home Depot for 9 for $3.97.

For the stencil, I used my Silhouette, and instead of wasting any of my vinyl, I used transfer tape that I purchased at Sign Warehouse.  It comes in a giant roll of 15 feet, but there is no backer, so I just used freezer paper.  It's super tacky, so I figured it would work better as a stencil anyway.

Same can of stain from every project I've done up to this point...

Paper towel, dipped and blotted.

I used a foam brush the first time, but it held too much stain, and it ended up bleeding under the stencil.  So with the next few, I just used a paper towel that I blotted to where there was practically nothing on it, and just rubbed it on.

Just after rubbing the stain on, before removing the stencil.

Felt dots from Home Depot.

One came out a little darker and cleaner.  It just depends on how much stain is on the towel.
And you're done!

I've been using the one that I messed up on for months now (yes, I'm a little late getting the post up), and the tiles absorb the sweat from my water cups just fine, and the stain still looks great!


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